Discuss Luthers 95 Theses.

Assignment: For this paper, you are required to choose a primary source and write a 2 to 3 page essay analyzes that source. A primary source is a document, artifact, or artwork produced in the past by historical figure(s) that scholars use as evidence to write about history. Primary sources are NOT journal articles, encyclopedia entries, or textbooks. When writing this assignment, answer the following questions: What type of source did you choose? It is a law, a diary entry, a painting? When was it made and by whom? What does it say or depict? Use quotes and /or summary of the source when describing/analyzing it. Finally, what did you learn from studying your primary source? Does it support or negate our lectures and/or readings?
Where to Obtain Your Primary Source?
There are many different websites that provide primary sources. Several particularly rich ones are Modern History Sourcebook and Eurodocs. For legal documents, there is the Avalon Project. You can also do a google search. Our Levack textbook (assigned for this course) has excerpts of primary documents in each chapter. If you still are having problems finding material, ask me for help.
Some Examples of Primary Sources:
The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen of 1789 (French Revolution).
The Nuremberg Laws (Nazi laws on Jewish community in Germany).
Las Sietas Partidas (Spanish laws against Jews in early modern era).
Luthers 95 Theses.
A painting from early modern or modern times.
Elie Wiesels Night.
Child labor law(s).
Lenins What is to Be Done? (Russian Revolution).