Discuss Interprofessional Teamwork and Collaboration

Compose one summary covering the information from the assigned reading Lessons 3: Actions & Lesson 4: Characters from Williams Style: Lessons in Clarity & Grace text. Do not write two summaries, one for each chapter. You need to be able to synthesize and combine information from both chapters. You are not allowed to use a single form of the verb \\\”to be\\\” (is, are, was, were, am, etc.). This is the heart and soul of the assignment.

NOTE: You can use the 11th or 12th edition of Style. You may also use the 10th edition, but please note that the Lessons are in a different order, so pay attention to the names of the lessons rather than the lesson number.
The summaries must adhere to the following parameters:
Do not use \\\”to be\\\” verbs (use Microsoft Word\\\’s search tool (Ctrl + F) to find these and eliminate them from your summary)
The summary must be 550-600 words (citations included)
No block quotes–Do not quote more than 3-4 words and only KEY terms at that
PARAPHRASE the author and focus on Williams\\\’ philosophy of writing and the advice he provides readers as your discussion emphasis (and cite accordingly)
Cover the entirety of both lessons in your summary
First and last name and page number in the top-right corner of the header (not the text area, the actual header)
1\\\” margins on all sides
Lesson name as title
Cite each reference of the text with parentheses (page number only
Double space the text
Indent all paragraphs 1/2\\\” (paragraph = 150)