Discuss how you will be involved in gathering, compiling, and displaying quality data. In this assignment

As a healthcare manager, you will be involved in gathering, compiling, and displaying quality data. In this assignment, you will use the Healthgrades website (www.healthgrades.com) to investigate data concerning safety outcomes and then develop a visual presentation to display your selected outcomes. This activity is important because in the healthcare organization, quality data is continuously reviewed and disseminated throughout the organization in the form of charts and graphs to help people better understand the data. Assessing data and communicating the findings is a vital aspect of continuous quality improvement. Prompt: Visit the Healthgrades website and compare the patient safety ratings of three facilities. Your comparison must include the following critical elements: Create a visually appealing display of your findings that clearly communicates the patient findings identified. You may copy and paste or attach the visual presentation to your journal submission. An explanation of why the safety ratings are important in the delivery of quality patient care in the healthcare organization . A reflection on how you would implement these outcomes in the healthcare organization you currently work for or in an organization you are likely to work for in the future. Guidelines for Submission: This journal entry should: Articulate your insights and ideas in a professional manner. Include citations and references in APA format where appropriate. Use language appropriate to the industry and company, providing annotations to clarify as necessary (e.g., use of company-specific acronyms). Approach this activity as an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you have learned thus far and share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past.