Discuss how These events lead to what is called Musical Form.

For this assignment, please listen to the pieces within this module by Mozart, Samuel Barber, and Tchaikovsky. Also like visual art, music can exist for its own sake not serving a specific meaning or purpose. These three examples could be described as Absolute Music because they represent music in its purest form. These pieces have no specific \”programmatic\” meaning but instead exist within larger categories of symphonies and works for chamber ensembles. When listening to these pieces, listen for events that occur to make different sections (faster, slower, louder, bigger, softer, etc). This also includes repetition, (ask yourself \”did this section repeat itself?\”), and progression (does this section present new melodies, different instruments, a different volume?). These events lead to what is called Musical Form. These forms of variation and repetition keep us as listeners engaged by building suspense, energy, tension, and release.

For this assignment, please write one paragraph for each piece describing how the composer uses form to build energy, and how does this translate to emotion to you personally.