Discuss how Mikimoto could develop their social media marketing strategy to support brand awareness in the European market

Case study sample companies:
1. Mikimoto (main): http://www.tiffany.co.uk (Japanese jewellery luxury brand, famous for pearl)
2. Tiffany & Co. (competitor) : http://www.tiffany.co.uk
3.Burberry (as a best practice to show their identity on social media): https://uk.burberry.com
– luxury brand outside of the jewellery business that demonstrates best practice social media strategies.

Data collection from social media mainly from Mikimoto, Tiffany & Co. and Burberry to compare the similarity, difference of their online strategy and analysis the characteristics.

Social media = owned media, paid media, earned media

Data analysis (making table or chart / one of the barometer of measuring brand awareness)
Official Website Traffic by SimilarWeb
Social Media Followers

Contents analysis:
Social Media Comments (positive vs. negative / one of the barometer of measuring brand awareness)
Web / social media Design (how to express their identity and image)
Mobile App
Comparison with contents of website/social media

Social Media performance analysis:
Collecting information from journals and news. Carefully compare and analyse by using some framework.

Online Advertisement
Online Campaign
Influencer (blogger etc.)