discuss how important reputation should be to a prince according to Machiavelli.

Paper must be 5 full pages long, typed double-spaced in 12 pt. font (Times New Roman orArial), and have standard 1 inch margins on all sides for full credit. (Minimum of 5 full double-spaced pages, but no more than 7, please.)Do not use contractions in your papers!! (dont,wouldnt,couldnt, etc.) See the grading rubric posted on Blackboard- this is how your paper will be evaluated.

This writing assignment will require you to think critically by evaluating primary sources in order to answer questions about a historical development from our course (kingship and power structures.)The only valid sources for this assignment are theThe Prince,Epic of Gilgamesh,Antigone,Arthashastra(excerpts), andAnalects of Confucius(excerpts) and your textbook. Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes, or any other kind of explanatory notes, and other kinds of outside sources are NOT to be used as they are often inaccurate and will not help you, but hurt you. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

Machiavellis The Prince remains one of the most influential writings in political philosophy. Machiavelli was one of the first political theorists that wrote about politics as they were rather than writing about the unachievable ideal. He wrote about realpolitik, or the politics of reality.

Part 1:In a well thought out and well written paper take a position and answer the question what does it mean to be Machiavellian? Is that necessarily a negative title given to someone, or not? Explain. (This should be your thesis statement/opening paragraph.) The rest of Part 1 of your paper should answer the following questions in relation to supporting your thesis referring to the book as much as possible for support (including quotes to back up your points):
What were the goals of Machiavelli in writing this particular document? Discuss his personal ambitions as well as his desires for Italy as a whole. What role did Machiavelli think the military should play in society and what kind of military did he advocate and why?
Who wasCaesareBorgia and why was he such a dominant example that Machiavelli held up for admiration as a strong prince? (Be specific in your discussion of what M. admired about Borgia.)
Lastly, discuss how important reputation should be to a prince according to Machiavelli. What roles should virtue, strength, and savvy, fear and love play in a rulers reputation? Explain with examples from the book. What did Machiavelli mean when he stated the idea that the end justifies the means?
Part 2:Compare Machiavellis brand of prince and power to examples of power we have read about in each of the following readings individually: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Antigone,Arthashastra, and Analects of Confucius. Consider the following:
How did the basis of power evolve through the ages when looking at the readings we have covered?
What is the basis of power according to Machiavelli for Renaissance kings and how do they compare to the ideas shown in our other readings about kings and their power bases? (Compare Machiavellis prince to each of the other kings/rulers in the readings for full credit.) Refer to your readings for examples and supporting evidence.
Conclusion:Do you feel that politicians today are basically followers of a great deal of Machiavellis advice, or do you think they avoid him like the plague? Explain your reasons.
In general, the final essay should be more or less equally divided between the first part and the second part. You need to substantiate and support your arguments with evidence drawn from the class and from the Primary Sources (from the full length Primary Source books and those excerpts I provided on Blackboard.) Complete essay answers will include an introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement. They will also include a conclusion, which summarizes the previous pages and provides some context for why this information might be of broader importance or interest. In between the introduction and the conclusion students should express their ideas and explanations in organized paragraphs with clear topic sentences.

HINTS & RULES:HINTS:Please be sure to provide examples with adequate credit given to the author.When you quote or paraphrase something please use either MLA citations (seewww.easybib.com(Links to an external site.)for reference) or parenthetical citations to provide attribution. Parenthetical citation should include the authors name and a page number (if there is one) for where you found the information. If you were citing the textbook or one of the full length Primary Source books, it would look like this: (Bentley,Traditions and Encounters, p. 271) or (Machiavelli,The Prince, p. 46). If you are citing one of the web readings, it would look like this: (Confucius, Analects, section 1- or you can use the section title if there is one). If you are referencing one of my lecture presentations, please just use my name and then give the presentation title. There is no need to provide a time stamp for where you got the information from within the presentation. This is what that would look like: (Matthews, Week 10, Lesson 1). There is no need for a works cited page.
Read over your writing to insure that your point is logical and clear. Also, make sure to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. Both grammar and spelling count. I cannot understand your ideas if they are not expressed clearly. All assignments should be saved as either anMSWorddocument (.doc or .docx). If you use a word processor other thanMSWordplease be sure to save the document in the acceptable format. Papers not submitted as a .doc, or .docxfile will NOT be accepted. The finished essay should be uploaded through the link in the Assignments section of Blackboard.