Discuss how and why different analytical frameworks examined evaluate the relevance of power relations in global supply chains”

You are required to answer your essay question by drawing both on the essential and supplementary readings from different weeks and topics. This reading material is an essential starting point to build your essay. Further support on how to plan, structure and write an essay will be discussed during lectures and seminars and provided through QMplus documents.Essays must conform to the following criteria:¥ Submit your essay in Word format¥ Word limits must not be exceeded, the bibliography is not included in the wordcount (show word count on the front page).¥ It is imperative that you use 1.5 or double line spacing and an 11 or 12 font size.Correct referencing is of paramount importance. You are required to keep a strictadherence to the scholarly apparatus of referencing and bibliography. If in doubt, consult the following useful website on academic referencing using the Harvard system:I have added a dokument under additional files that should help with the frameworks in question