Discuss Fredrick Jackson Turner\’s \”The Significance of The Frontier in American History\” to infer meaning to Nike\’s ad \”Come Out of Nowhere\”.

Use Fredrick Jackson Turner\’s \”The Significance of The Frontier in American History\” to infer meaning to Nike\’s ad \”Come Out of Nowhere\”.

Although the Westward expansion has little to do with the Nike ad, it provides great insight to the individuality, determination and inspiring greatness that Come Out of Nowhere depicts. Many come from humble roots and aspire to achieve greatness, in stepping out, one must be willing to tackle the trials along the way. I believe that as we learn to work with the resources we are given, we value the hardship, lessons and determination which shapes us into great individuals. As individuals, if we give up because it was \”too hard\”, or because we didn\’t have exactly what we needed to succeed, we would not be an inspiration to others that follow. We would not be able leave our own prints to make this nation the great nation that is America.

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