discuss FCC banned any relationship between cable companies and manufacturers.

In 2016, Federal communication commission proposed a new rule.
The rule force to develop standardized set-top box or software in watching Cable TV.
Its ultimate purpose is to prevent monopoly in the market.
FCC banned any relationship between cable companies and manufacturers.
However, the new regulation should not pass, because of its practical limitations.

First of all, the new rule doesnt understand current market flow. Because, all customers can use other formats to watch entertaining contents. Apple TV, and Netflix are good examples. Despite of other options, people still choose cable TV as their primary option to watching the contents.

Second, it will take long time and huge cost to change entire infrastructure of cable market. Because, cable TV infrastructure is very unique and different by region. Moreover, the proposal of the rule doesnt clarify payer for the change of infrastructure. Existing cable companies dont want to spend money and time for the overhaul, because the new rule is harmful for their future profit.

Lastly, the FCC doesnt consider the flow of the license of video contents in entertaining market today. The cable companies are just deliverer of contents. The rights of video contents belong to contents creators. When the rule is adapted into the marketplace, copyrights will go another problem, because current cable companies wont need to pay same amount of money for the rights.

So, to consider the three aspects, FCC should not pass the regulation. It would destroy the entire market and customers will be affected negatively during the adjust period. It is true the purpose of new regulation is good. But, the FCC should consider more, with more examinations and researches.