Discuss Experiences of families in caring for women with end-stage Breast Cancer?

So were given a clinical scenario and were asked to make a research question out of it, so my approved (approved by my tutor) research topic is, Experiences of families in caring for women who has end-stage Breast Cancer? OR,D. (Can you help me which one is better?), Thank you!!!!

*Everything that were asked to do is on the template, from

Part A- background (the research question & importance, should be 600 words, weighing 25% of the total mark).
Part B- Development & presentation of key words and their combinations- needs 200 words and weighs 10%.
Part C- Results, the peer reviewed articles, 700 words, weighs 30%.
Part D- discussion- 1000 words, weighs 35%.

Total of 2500 words, but 2300 words would be fine, (less to pay)

I will be attaching the RUBRIC FORM as well so you can follow it strictly and i can get a good mark as this weighs 55% of my subject grade. Thank you so much in advance!

*******Regarding the \’Background\’ section of Assignment 2******

1. State a research question (related to the Nursing scenario). This question should identify the participants, the intervention/issue, the comparison(if relevant) and potential outcomes.

Example question: Does a low carbohydrate diet improve blood glucose levels in type II diabetics?

This question identifies the participant: type II diabetics, the intervention: low carbohydrate diet and the potential outcome: improved blood glucose levels (BGLs).

2. Describe the PIO or PICO in greater detail.

Using the example question above:

Participants: female & male adults > 40 years (as this is generally when type II diabetes starts to be diagnosed) with a diagnosis of type II diabetes (the medical condition of interest)

Intervention: low carbohydrate diet consisting of foods with a low glycemic index

Outcome: improvement in blood glucose levels and/or HbA1C levels in line with national guidelines.

3. Describe the significance of the issue you have identified and why this needs to be looked at.

This is essentially providing an argument about the issue you are focusing on. This is similar to the Introduction/Background section presented in research articles.

For the above example question, some things that could be considered and presented include:

The % of people diagnosed with type II diabetes per year
The potential adverse effects on the individual, society and/or the health care system of not adequately controlling BGLs
How a low carb diet may help
How knowing about the effects of low carb diets on BGLs can inform clinical practice and care of patients with this condition
All of this type of information needs to be supported by relevant references