Discuss Ethics on Cyberspace

Choose an issue related to ethics or law in cyberspace. Issues, by their nature, have conflicting or unclear resolutions, lacking universal agreement on what is right or wrong in all situations. Collect information related to your issue. Explore contrasting or opposing viewpoints. Use a variety of sources. For this project you will format a research paper, in Word,using either MLA or APA style,depending on your major.
Content must include:
Identify the ethical or legal topic you researched
Describe what makes it an issue
Present a balanced analysis of the contrasting and/or opposing views
Explanation of your profession\’s prescribed writing style, resources used, and how you interpreted the style for this project
Resources used must include one or more from each of the following:
o professional journal
o popular press
o official (government) web site
o course textbook
o partisan web site
o class discussion post/entry
o web log
Format must include:
Header with Page Numbering
Page Layout (Font, Line Spacing, Margins) appropriate for your profession\’s style guide
In-text citations and reference list appropriate for the source and for the style guide used
1. Introduction to your issue
2. Contrasting and/or opposing views
3. Analysis of views
4. Proposed issue resolution
5. Explanation of style guide used
6. Reference List