Discuss about social media and the negative effects it has.

Topic – social media and the negative effects it has

APA format title page, in-text citations, and Reference page
APA formatting throughout: 12 point Times New Roman font, once inch margins all around, objective tone, avoid using \”I\” and personal pronouns referring to yourself
6 to 8 pages of double-spaced text (does not include the title page or the Reference page)
Introduction should hook the reader, and include sufficient background information and a clear thesis statement
Include at least four credible sources integrated into the essay
Thesis statement should include your topic, position on the topic, and your three main claims
Organization should be evident by use of transitions
Argument should include supporting details from your sources
Paraphrase as much as possible; use long direct quotes sparingly
Include a counter argument in the paragraph before your conclusion to avoid being biased
Correct grammar and punctuation