Discuss A critical analysis of Insolvency act 1986 and Title 11

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No more than 10,000 words dissertation (excluding footnotes, cover page and bibliography)
This is a legal paper designed to have a comparative critical analysis of the insolvency law between the UK and the US. Specifically Insolvency act 1986 for the UK and Title 11 for the US.

An outline will be needed soon first which includes:
The outline plan should not normally exceed 4 sides of A4 (though it can include an additional bibliography). The outline plan should specify the research question or
questions which you intend to answer and include an outline structure for the

After that there will be a research report, which would be discussed later as a more detailed outline with more arguments or a sample writing of the dissertation.

more will be provided as good dissertation examples and some resources that are to be used in the dissertation.