Discipline: Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations

Discipline: Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations
The institution of choice:
Department of Veterans Affairs
Opioid Addition Treatment Clinic (OATC)
Risk management
Risk management role in medication safety
Medication safety in opioid management:
Please provide an abstract with this paper
Outline paper of the bullets
Make this paper a miniature capstone.
Choosing a risk management project that is of interest/need for your institution such a healthcare facility that treats opioid dependency. The project should be something manageable, as it must be developed over the eight weeks of the based on the notes; risk management medication safety opioids alert, something manageable; risk management occupation safety/ joint commission guide lines in monitoring patients medication; overdose prevention; include cost/prevention; risk management ethics; pros and cons of treatment and recovery.
See out line below as a guide:
In a 10-15 page paper, using APA formatting, and with a minimum of 3 academic references, include the following:
A description of the organization, including background, mission, vision and values
Describe the risk that is being addressed and why you chose this risk. Include whether it is a response to a regulation, statute or safety issue and what the potential impact to the organization is if not addressed. Include how vulnerable the institution is because of the risk and why. How common is this risk to other health care organizations?
Identify strategies which could be used to address this issue in detail. Provide references as to the viability of each strategy.
What recommendations would you make to the governing body and why? Tie the recommendations to the organization\’s mission, vision and values as well as its economic survival.
Provide detail regarding how you would implement the strategies. Identify the stakeholders and what education you would provide the stakeholders and governance. Identify the resources needed to implement the action. Give timelines for planning, action and evaluation.
Detail the expected, measurable outcomes and how you would collect and analyze the data. How would you use the data to complete the quality improvement feedback loop?
Summarize the role of the risk manager in this project.
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), Carroll, R. (2009). Risk management handbook for health care organizations (student edition). New York, NY: Jossey-Bass.