Disability blog paper

2. Disability blog paper. For this paper you are to select 2 blogs that are disability related. Only blogs that have posts from 2015-2016 can be used. You should select the blogs from the Blogroll at http://disstud.blogspot.com/ or from the list of autism blogs at 10 Autism Blogs That Went Viral in 2014 https://www.autismspeaks.org/news/news-item/10-autism-blogs-went-viral-2014. The blogs you choose should include commentary by the author and should not just be a blog written by a person with a disability. In your brief paper you should provide an explanation of the perspective(s) about disability that is shown in the posts. This should be used on at least 5 posts from each blog. Describe the viewpoint about disability that is being provided and what impression of disability you would have if this was your only view of disability.