Did working in the lowell mills provide new freedom for the American women?

Paper is divided into sections.
Milestone two- Larger historical settings. Identify the trends related to Lowell mill strike and explain the significance of trend to the time period.
Break it down to five paragraphs.
Paragraph 1- Identify 2-3 trends or patterns of activity that developed either before, during or as a result of Lowell mill strike.
Paragraph 2- Explain the significance or importance of your first trend as it relates to Lowell mills strike
Paragraph 3- explain the significance or importance of your second trend as it relates to Lowell mills strike.
Paragraph 4. Explain the significance of your third trend as it relates to Lowell mills strike.
Paragraph 5- Conclusion Restate your trends and summarize their significance in different words. paragraphs should include in text citation from at least four sources , two from primary and two from secondary. here are the primary sources- Eliza Bixby\’s letter to her brother. The Lowell mill girls Go on Strike ,1836. \”We call on you to Deliver us from the Tyrant\’s chain\”: Lowell Women Workers Campaign for a ten hour workday. Texts about Lowell mills girls.
Secondary sources- Julie Husband,\” The white slave of the North Lowell mill women and the Reproduction of free Labor,\” Legacy 16, no. 1 (1999): 11-21
Thomas Dublin,\” Women , work and protest in the early Lowell mills : \”The oppressing hand of Avarice would enslave Us ,\” Labor history 16,no.1 ( January 1, 1975) 99- 116. Jocelyn M. Boryczka,\” The virtues of vice : The Lowell mill girl debate and contemporary feminist ethics . \” feminist Theory 7,no 1 ( April 1, 2006). 49- 67