describe What are the chief principles embedded in the Modulor?

According to Le Corbusier, Albert Einstein said that the Modulor was a scale of proportions which makes the bad difficult and the good easy. Do you agree or disagree with this claim? How did Le Corbusier make use of it in his Unit dHabitation in Marseilles? Do you share Le Corbusiers belief that a man standing 1.83 meters (or 6 feet) tall can and should be used for the purpose of organizing and designing habitable spaces? What benefits do such universal standards serve? What are some of the problems that they pose? What are some of the biases and prejudices that they might perpetuate?

Your response to each of the questions should be roughly three pages in length. They should be written in essay form. They should be accompanied by hand-sketched diagrammatic illustrations that succinctly convey your principal argument. Please use only the sources included on the syllabus in your responses. Cite your sources, and include a bibliography at the end.