Describe the STEM experiences you observe by addressing the following questions

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A preschool teacher will employ 3 different types of lessons as they plan experiences for their curriculum: naturalistic, informal, and structured. You need to read the selection by Lind in the articles and website area of the readings and resources link. She gives very specific definitions of these three important lesson types you will use as you facilitate the learning of your young children. Each has its advantages.

Visit a preschool or kindergarten classroom and observe a Math or Science lesson or lessons in that classroom. After you have read Lind\’s selection on naturalistic, informal, and structured lessons, write your observations of what you saw or were implied as you watched the experience unfold. Use her guidelines as a resource when you construct your paper of two pages.

The requirements for your classroom observation are:

Observe a prek, kindergarten or primary classroom. Describe the STEM experiences you observe by addressing the following questions
Are they naturalistic, informal or structured learning experiences that are discussed this week? This portion of the answer needs to relate to the understanding of the three types of lessons that occur in the classroom. There are very specific statements that define these types of lessons. You will discover throughout this course that most of what you will do in your early childhood classroom will be naturalistic or informal learning experiences. It is also through these experiences that you will get most of your assessment and evaluation information on your students and your lesson effectiveness.
What did you like about the experiences you observed?
How were STEM concepts integrated into the curriculum you observed? If they were not part of the lessons you observed, how do you think they could have been incorporated into those lessons?
How would you have improved or expanded on these learning experiences?
Are there any questions about what you observed?
Expected Length of the assignment is 2 pages.
Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.