Describe The Evolution of John Ford\’s World View

Your first writing assignment, \”Tell Me a Story\” is your ONE paragraph model for you.
However, this is a much more fulsome response (THREE Paragraphs).

Include in each paragraph all of the elements of an Evaluative Annotated Bibliography dictated by the prescriptive writing formula.
Essay structure:

A. Your essay must be three distinct Evaluative Annotated Bibliographies a minimum of eighteen sentences – each paragraph must be minimum of 6 sentences and must conform to the writing model found in unit three.

Cite, defend, and discuss your point of view.

[ Firstly begin with your citation and follow it with your paragraph. Sentence one: turn your prompt into an assertion, Sentence two: must use a signal phrase and proof quote to validate your assertion, Sentences 3-5: must further amplify your assertion, and sentence six: must conclude your discussion of the prompt.]

This assignment must utilize the sources provided for you in Moodle – essays, and films,

B. Using the MLA section of your style manual you must properly cite sources within your text (in-text citation see Hacker) and a proper work cited notation that precedes each paragraph (see Hacker).

C. You must strictly adhere to the writing structure provided for you in Unit Three. I suggest that you print the sentence by sentence analysis so that you have a paper guide for you to follow while you write your essay paragraphs.

Answer 3 of the following 5 prompts:

Your proof quotes must come from the essays in Print The Legend.

Prompt 1. Demonstrate how RINGO, through the course of the movie, jeopardizes the public/community and is forgiven by that same community.

Prompt 2. Demonstrate how Wyatt Earp is an accidental good man who saves the community for personal aims.

Prompt 3. Demonstrate why Ethan Edwards must walk away from the cabin and into the desert at the close of the picture.

Prompt 4. Demonstrate why Ransom Stoddard, riding away on the train, is such an unsavory resolution to Liberty Valance.

Prompt 5. Demonstrate Ford\’s darkening evolution of the American hero.

Here is the work cited:

Pearson, Sidney A. Print the Legend: Politics, Culture, and Civic Virtue in the Films of John Ford. Lanham, MD Lexington /Rowman & Littlefield, 2009. Print.