describe Lindt Chocolate Company

The company\’s name is Lindt, Which is a chocolate company. We have been asked to do a report about the company with the following instructions:
Report – 30% (Maximum 1,500 word)
– Innovation Characteristics
– Existing Innovation Strategy
– First mover approach
– Protection strategy (secrets, patents, copyrights, etc.)
– Complementary assets
– Appropriability strategy
– Propose a new strategy
– Option A: What innovation should the company develop?
– Option B: How should a specific innovation be exploited?

More information is provided here:

The Group Assessment consists of a presentation and a report. The presentation will be in the break-out session. The purpose of both the presentation and the report is to analyze the innovation of the case the group was assigned to the first (Thursday) session. The analysis should cover innovation characteristics and innovation strategies of the case company, and propose a new strategy.

We have attached the powerpoint that we have done. Lindt Chocolate is the name of the company that we are assigned for this assignment.