Describe effects positive,and negative,

1. Topic that given by professor:
According to Katherine Anne Ackley, the convenience of social media has changed the way individuals conduct their lives. While she believes that most people would say this has been a positive change, Ackley notes that the high-tech capabilities of the Internet have also led to problems (422). Choose an issue connected to social media websites or services that you are familiar with and analyze the kinds of effects that it has had on its users. Are these? D effects positive, negative, or a mix of bothrawing on the course texts, outside research and your own observations, support a thesis that makes a claim about the effects this type or aspect of social media has on people and on the way they conduct their lives or on their general well-being. You may apply your argument to a specific group of individuals (such as children, employees, students, activists, etc.) or to society in general.

2. Your paper should include the following general structure:
a) Introduction: Briefly define or describe the social media website or service or the aspect of social media that you are investigating, as well as the population of users on which you are focused.

b)Thesis: Assert your position regarding the kind of effects this social media has had on its users. You may also include a limitation.

c)Body: Provide credible evidence that supports your position and refutes opposing arguments and use appeals (logos, pathos and ethos) to strengthen your argument. Make sure to also acknowledge and respond to the opposing argument/s.

d)Conclusion: Bring your paper to a satisfactory end by referring again to your position using different wording and emphasizing the relevance of your position to society and your audience.

e)You are writing for a general educated audience and must maintain your credibility throughout the paper. Essays need to use evidence from the class readings and credible outside research to support the assertions that are made. You may also use personal examples and observations. Use a minimum of four sources which include both class readings and outside sources.

3. checklist for Essay 1:
Does the introduction:

1) Introduce the social media topic in a way that engages the readers?

2) Provide enough background to establish context for the topic?

3) Make a clear connection between the social media being examined and the behavior of its users?

4) Have a thesis arguing exactly how this social media website or service affects its users?

Do the body paragraphs:

1) Each have a topic connected to the thesis in the paper?

2) Each include evidence to support the points being made?

3) Connect their points back to the thesis?

4) Include reference to an opposing viewpoint?

Does the conclusion:

1) Reiterate the thesis in a convincing way?

2) Make the argument seem relevant to the readers?

3) Provide a satisfactory ending to the paper?

Is MLA formatting:

1) Correctly used in the heading, headers, font, and spacing?

2) Correctly used in the punctuation of quotations?

3) Correctly used for citations and the Works Cited page?

4. Notes for writer:

a) in attachment, I upload our in class reading materials and my summary for these articles, it will definitely be used for this essay, please check them.

b)in attachement, I upload my essay 1 proposal, which is already submitted to professor, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, it\’s gonna be my main thesis and topic, please read it and based on this proposal to write this paper.

c)for the outside sources, it must be authorized, and please no plagiarize.

d) if you have any problem, just let me know, i will reply you ASAP.

e)if you think it will be take much more time than due day, please at least send me a full introduction and thesis, as well as two well-developed body paragraphs. It should also cite at least two sources and have a partial Works Cited page.

f) AGAIN!!!! PLEASE READ ALL MY PAPER DETAIL CAREFULLY!! I\’m taking this essay very seriously!! thank you so much!!