Dental school recommendation letter from a dentist to student

The dentist that I did my community hours asked me to write my own letter since english is not his first language.It\’s a letter for dental school admission I will provide a sample but it can\’t be the same it has to be completely change.
Facts to note:
I\’m his patients since 8 years ago and since the first day that I went to his office I told him that I wanted to be a dentist I persisted with my idea through all this years.
I shadow him and ask everything about the procedures
He told me to include that he sees the qualities on me of a good dentist for being a fast learner and paying attention to little details also a very personable person with his patients i will always welcome them at the clinic and make them feel comfortable.
I was always willing to lead a helping hand when need it in the clinic
He asked me questions about procedures to test me and i will always respond right because I\’m was so curious all the time asking questions.
Modify the letter that I provide you.Thank and please don\’t put my name I will put it later.Please create a good letter since it\’s for 10 schools that I\’m applying to look at me.