Cythnia Freeland – Presentation of Evil

I need a paper that illuminates in a compelling, well-sourced, interpretive manner what I learned through the research I conducted. I have attached a word doc where I needed a critics thought on Cynthia Freeland\’s examination on the subject of her book The Naked and the Undead. The direction I went is that I wanted to do a research paper based on her choice of horror films and the reaction of fear and disgust that it creates in us the viewer and that even though we are terrified, we pay to see more. I also want the paper to have details about er explanation of gender figures that are cast into screen presentations of evil. One example is Ripley from Aliens. She may be a bad ass with guns, but she is also compassionate to protect people. The writer must be familiar with the book \”The Naked and the Undead\” – Evil and the Appeal of Horror. I have one critic on the word doc attached, but if you could find another critic to add to paper that would be great. I have three sources on the word doc. I need one more. Also her book must be one of the sources. If the beginning of paper could explain who Freeland is that would be great.