Custers Trials second part

Again, for each of the eight chapters, you will do a separate full paragraph that describes (who, what, when, where?) the subject of that chapter along with a quotation from it that illustrates the focus of the chapter. In addition, you are now asked to analyze the why of this episode covered in the chapter to aid in the readers understanding of Custer the man. This should be a sentence or two that explains why, in your opinion, Stiles chose this chapter topic to make us understand Custer the man.
Each should be set up like this:
1.The Executioner: (provide the summary of what the chapter is aboutwho/what/when/where).
Significance: (Usually the why or how of actions—Why did Stiles chose this to show something about Custer?)

As with all essays, it should be double spaced, spell-checked, and done thoughtfully. Please be sure your name is on all pages of the essay.

This essay is only on the part 2 part its chapter 9- the epilouge

make sure there is a quote from the chapter

when you do the first chapter may you please email it to me so i can tell you if it is right.. thank you

here is the link to the book