CRITIQUE OF A Research Article

You are asked to read and examine a research paper and consider the findings reported in the article and provide some critical reflections on these. In addition, you should provide an evaluation of the research methodology that is used and compare it to other methods of psychotherapy research and your thoughts on these.

1. Tell the reader what they will find.
2. Brief introduction to the context of psychotherapy and the research.
3. Brief introduction to the paper and the findings.

Main body: ( critical reflections)
1. What do you make of the findings.
2.What are the implications of these for psychotherapy.
3. What do you think about the research methods used.
4.What do you think about psychotherapy and research.
5. Are there pros and cons? If so what are they?

1. Summarise the main discoveries.
2.Learning points.
3.Strands of thought