Critically evaluate how you have facilitated the learning of two different learners. Draw on your teaching, assessment, and supervision of the learners as well as your own observed practice to critically analyse how learning theories and research hav

Comments from my lecturer on 1st submission :The essay lacks structure and so you never really get to the core of what was required, and your account remains descriptive.You have included extraneous content generalising on learning and teaching and this reduces the words available to focus on the two sessions.
Of more concern is the writing itself.Your writing style is very week with many errors in grammar and spelling, and with frequently missed words. This seriously detracts from the understanding of the reader and is not acceptable at this academic level. You have also written much of this essay in the 1st person rather than 3rd person as instructed. Many of your sentences to not make sense, and the whole thing is very disorganised. I suggest that you need help to get your academic writing to the level required.
This essay needed a brief introduction. You then needed to set the context, which I could see, and show how the context influenced your choice of over-arching pedagogy. Do not get pulled into a general discussion on leaning theories. The choice of pedagogy should then lead you into choosing appropriate learnin and teaching methods. You need to discuss how you evaluated the learning both during (to shape the teaching) and at the end of the session (to test the learning outcomes). You should compare and contrast the two sessions looking for similarities and differences and exploring why this is so. You then need to summarise and conclude.
You have not answered the question set.