Critical Thinking Paper Assignment One

Instructions: Interview someone with a bachelors degree in psychology or counseling (or a higher level degree in psychology or counseling which normally means a masters degree or a doctorate). Then write a paper outlining/summarizing the interview. Make sure to explain your assignment to the person you are interviewing before you begin the interview and obtain permission to write this paper based on the answers s/he gives.

Your paper\’s introduction paragraph should explain who you chose to interview. Include

1. When and where the interview occurred.

2.If the person agreed to let you use his/her answers for this paper (if the person answers no, please choose someone else to interview).

3.Why you chose to interview this person.

Your interview (which will make up the body of your paper) needs to include the following questions:

1.What type of degree do you have (ex: Master of Science in Clinical Psychology)?

2.How and why did you choose the field of psychology?

3.Will you please describe your current job?

4.How do you use your degree in your current job?

5.If you could give current PSY 150 (Introduction to Psychology) students a piece of advice for success in the course, what would it be?

**Your interview also needs to include AT LEAST three questions that are not on the above list.

In your closing paragraph discuss what you learned from the interview as it applies to you either academically, personally, professionally, or in any other way.


-your name at the top of the first page

-name of the assignment (Critical Thinking Paper Assignment One) at the top of the first page


-1 page minimum

-12-point Times New Roman font

-normal margins

-CORRECT GRAMMAR, SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, ETC. (Although this is not an English course, this is still a college course and I expect professional writing.)

-If you choose to use outside references please cite them using either APA or MLA (if you do not know how to properly cite references, then refer to the Purdue Owl Writing Lab at:

***If you\’re having trouble finding someone with a psychology degree, then reference the below list of some examples of professionals who normally have higher level degrees in psychology. You can call your local community college or university to inquire if any of the psychology professors would agree to an interview. You could call a psychologists office and inquire if s/he would be willing to agree to an interview. You could even ask your family, friends, or members of your church if they know anyone with a psychology degree who would be willing to participate in the interview. Use your resources (thats what college is all about!).




-Psychology Instructor