Critical theorist as my research disparages the Comtian view

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I am a critical theorist as my research disparages the Comtian view thatsocial conditions can be improved the same way that Enlightenment -era natural scientists constructed machinery which drastically improved the human capacity to work more efficiently. For example, Miller (2011) argues that:
contemporary sociologists, by and large, have little or no direct effect on social progression as they do not develop sustainable intergenerational activist efforts, and theorists tend to not center their work and themselves in solving real life problems. Furthermore, sociologists tend to avoid reflexive analysis of Old World history and its European meta-narratives. Instead contemporary sociologists become adept at experimental and rhetorical discourse which does not entail personal culpability, or acknowledgment that theorists private beliefs can reproduce and sustain systems of inequality. Illustrative of the state of sociology is that 70% of all published work in US social psychology is based on experimental tests of college students and Marxist conflict theory tends to be taught without accounting for the demeaning significance of his private writings about race and gender and those of the philosophers whose ideas he utilized.\”

Miller, O. Alexander (2014). Sociologists and Social Progress. Lexington Books