Critical essay – Adolescence

Summarise recent findings from the neuroscience of adolescence to discuss how brain changes in adolescence are reflected in cognitive, social, and emotional development. Make recommendations on how to improve adolescent wellbeing, suggesting changes within the family, community, or society at large (3000 words 50%)
Guidance on how to answer the assessment question: First, describe the most important changes in brain development in adolescence and discuss their impact on behaviour, cognition and emotion (with evidence from your readings). Then, make well-justified recommendations on how to improve adolescents wellbeing by prevention and intervention. The essay should include the following:
1. Introduction define key concepts and outline structure
2. What are the most important changes in brain development in adolescence?Key concepts: plasticity, pruning, overabundance of grey matter/underabundance of white matter, brain wires from back to front, prefrontal cortex in relation to amygdala, myelination, dopamine reward system
3. How do these changes impact: behaviours/cognition/emotion/identity/social development?
Key concepts: decision making, risk taking, stress, adolescent psychopathology,
addictions, relationships, learning, attention, sleep
4. Knowing what we know about the brain, what can we do to promote the wellbeing of adolescents? (at the level of the family, school, community, or society at large)
Key concepts: resilience, attachment, school-based interventions
5. Conclusion