creating a video about climate change

You will create a short video 30 to 60 seconds long about climate change. It can be an animation, film, selfie video, slide deck recording (Screencast style), puppets, whatever you wish. Get creative! The goal is to get the message across about the impact of global climate change in anyway you see appropriate. Refer to chapters 9, 10, & 12 in Write, Present, Create and what we have learned in class. Be specific in your video (don\’t just say, \”climate change is bad – the end\” – you want to try to inform and/or inspire people). Also check out some resources here: (Links to an external site.).

Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. If you do not wish to have your video made public, an alternative option is to upload the file to Google Drive and submit that file link here. You myst submit your link here. You are not required to show your face or any likeness to you or your name in your video. You will be uploading your link here that will be associated with your secure & protected name for grading purposes.

Here is a link of a student\’s video about climate change, just to give you an example