Create an internal proposal.

Preparing for the proposal
For this assignment you will create an internal proposal. Your proposal will address a need or an issue on our university campus or at the company you work for. As students you are aware of some of the problems on campus, at times perhaps even more so than other people who work here. In your proposal you will identify the causes of a problem or an area that needs improvement and then you will offer a solution. Possible campus issues to consider would be:
improvements of the on-campus bus service;
suggestions for improving computer facilities;
recreational facilities;
on-campus dining;
new services that address the needs of specific groups on campus (such as students with special needs);
reducing litter on campus;
encouraging more recycling on campus;
reducing the dependence on cars among faculty and students;
helping new students make the transition to college;
helping graduating students land internships/jobs in companies;
creative solutions to safety issues for students;
health-related services that may currently be unavailable.
Feel free to think creatively about this proposal and you may come up with variations of what you see here as well as with a topic that is not covered in my suggestions. I will have to approve your topic first, however (we will start this writing project with a topic proposal memo to be announced).

Alternatively, if you have some work experience and want to choose a topic from work, then you can brainstorm on the following possible areas and come up with a relevant topic for a proposal:
make a labor-intensive process more efficient;
make an expensive process more cost effective;
improve your company\’s Web site;
incorporate social media into the company\’s marketing plan in a creative way; suggest ways to improve it
market the company\’s product;
expand or improve policies for overtime work;
improve policies for hiring diversity.

I would like to make my project proposal about building a vertical garden in albania, or building a dog shelter. (both don\’t exist in Albania atm). I have attached a project proposal memo that I wrote so you can chose one or the other.