Course ProjectSales Promotion Plan: Budget

You work for a sales promotion company as a marketing assistant. Your supervisor has assigned you to create a sales promotion plan for a client. The client is a fashion brand and plans to open a retail store called \”Savvy\” in Seattle. Savvy offers a broad range of fashion apparel for women in the age group of twenty-two to forty years. The products are moderately priced and designed for urban working women.

Your task is to create a sales promotion plan for the new store opening. You must develop a sales promotion plan that is carefully crafted for the client\’s target market and brand position. The promotion should help the client reach its goal of not only generating sales but also promoting the fashion apparel among the target audience.

Your supervisor has asked you, as a marketing assistant, to further develop the sales promotion plan for the client\’s new store, Savvy. Building on your work in the assignments of previous weeks(attached below), you will propose a sales promotional budget and for the new store.

Task 1


Create an overall budget for the entire sales promotion plan for six months by using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provided(attached below). The budget should be detailed and specific.

Research each of the line items to find out what it costs in Seattle. Use research-based realistic numbers in your budget. List the assumptions of the budget in the template provided.