Counseling 145
My major is graphic design. My father is a businessman and he supports my dream. I like to drawing and learn it, so I want to be a designer.

Informational Interview Assignment (40 points possible)

You will conduct ONE informational interview with an individual who works in a career field that is of current interest you. To prepare for the interviews, read about the industry, organization, and even the individual if possible. You will be able to ask more informed questions and can often find information online, especially on the company website. It is best to arrange a mutually convenient time (about 30 minutes) to speak with each individual in person or on the phone. Remember, you are NOT asking for a job but you want to be professional. Information on how to conduct an Informational Interview and suggested questions to ask can be found on pp. 199-203 of your textbook. You may also want to check out this great resource on information interviews: INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW GUIDE (