Conduct a literature search and select 8 journal articles that relate to the topic that you have chosen which is Sreening for type 2 diabetes

Foundation Degree (Arts) Health and Social Care.
Literature Review Guidelines .CW 2 (3500 words) Level 5
Your first task is to find a suitable topic that relates to Health and Social Care issue.
You will then need to conduct a literature search and select ten journal articles that relate to the topic that you have chosen. Ideally the journal articles should be a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative research papers.
Title page: topic
Abstract: This should be a summary of your Literature Review (100/150 words)
Content page:
Chapter One . Background/ Introduction: (800 words)
In this section you should introduce your topic and give background information from reading your journal articles and state the aim of your LR. This information could be found in the journal articles (introduction/background/LR ) section of the research papers. The information should include the problems that you are set out to investigate/explore/study. This should also clarify how much study has been conducted on the topic and also state if there is any gaps in knowledge ( any research to be done on the topic)
Chapter Two: Methods /Methodologies (1000 words)

In this chapter you should define methods and methodologies in relation to research. You should make your understanding of qualitative and quantitative methodologies clear and give rationale as to why researchers use /choose certain methodologies. You will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each methodology.
Ethics you should include a very brief discussion on ethics
You must state the Literature search method you have used to select your 8 journal articles. Your understanding of the inclusion and exclusion criteria will help to structure your argument and the search engine that you have used.
You will then need to outline the result of the literature search.

Chapter Three: Analysis/Findings/Discussion of findings (1000 words)
In this chapter you will need to list the findings of your Literature Review. This will be the result of analysing the findings/results and summarising all the research papers. You can use thematic analysis method for this. You will have to list the findings ( 3 or 4 by summarising ) the qualitative research papers. You will need to do use the same method with the quantitative research papers and the same with mixed methodologies papers if you have used them.
The discussion should compare and contrast the findings of both qualitative and quantitative papers highlighting similarities and differences.

Chapter Four: Conclusion/Recommendation (500 words).
In this chapter you have to make explicit of what this Literature Review has achieved. You should also make a judgement on the findings of your Literature Review and make recommendations for future studies.