compensating behaviours.

This assignment is for a data-informed decision making class.
Readings for this assignment pages 131-276. Link below–100713_fullexcerpt.pdf

Also watch video

Your Assignment
Consider the damaging problems that may go unnoticed within a company!
For this assignment, you will write an assessment of a corporate culture based on findings presented and lessons offered in Paul Smith\’s Lead with a Story.

1. Complete the assigned readings and watch the video for this unit.

2. Read Scott Smith\’s article at, \”Customer Expectations: 7 Types All Exceptional Researchers Must Understand\” in Materials below.

3. Consider the following claim by Smith in Lead with a Story:
\”The most damaging problems are the one you don\’t know you have.\” In reference to this statement, Smith introduces the concept of \”compensating behaviors.\” Compensating behaviors are what customers do when your product or service is not meeting their needs. Smith continues, \”Finding compensating behaviors is a great way to find problems and solutions.\”

4. Identify a compensating behavior from your professional experience.

5. In a Microsoft Word document, write a creative, 2 page statement that organizes your responses to the following questions:
What are the customer\’s behaviors?
How are they compensating behaviors?
What are your customers telling your company?
What might be some solutions to this compensatory reality?
The material below will help you complete this assignment.

Customer Expectations: 7 Types All Exceptional Researchers Must Understand