Comparative Book Review

Comparative Book Review
1) The book review should provide a brief overview of what was contained in the books, an analysis of what the authors are trying to say, a comparison of their framework and research, an indication of the value that the book(s) had in helping you understand an issue related to school improvement, and a conclusion critiquing whether or not the books really add substantially to the literature.
2) It is always important to cite others in these reviews in field of school effectiveness, school improvement and school reform.
3) The comprative books are:
A- Ravitch, D. (2014). Reign of error: The hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to Americas public schools. New York: Alfred A. Knopf
B-Glass, G. V. (2008).Fertilizers, pills, and magnetic strips. The fate of public education in America. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

4) You have cite the following:
a- Platos Cave Allegory, Rawls conceptions of Good and Just, Deweys conception of education and the public, the Wallace Foundations conception of leading effective schools
b-Duke, D. (2015). Leadership for low-performing schools: a step-by-step guide to the school turnaround process. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.
c- Hirsch, E. D. (1999). The schools we need and why we dont have them. New York, NY: Anchor Books.
d- Fullan, M. (2007). The new meaning of educational change. New York: Teachers College Press
e-Holistic Approaches

5) use direct qoutes.
6) I will upload example file that you have to follow.
7) Beside the previouse Books ( a-e ), Cite more articles about school effectiveness, school improvement and school reform in US, Canada, Australia, and Finland education system.