Company Wide Windows 8.1 upgrade

Write an eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you:
1. Develop a SWOT analysis on the viability of upgrading to Windows 8.1 for the organization as a whole.

2. Provide a detailed upgrade plan for the organization, including the sales staff. At a minimum:

a. Identify the number of systems, by location and / or departments that IT must replace with new or compatible hardware.

b. Recommend whether the organization should use a phased-in approach (i.e., upgrades are sequenced by departments and / or locations) or a flash-cut approach (i.e., all at once) in order to upgrade to Windows 8.1. If a phased-in approach is recommended, identify the departments and / or locations you would upgrade, and describe the preferred upgrade sequence. Support your recommendations.

c. Address the length of time in which the upgrade should occur, and identify the main issues which could impact the specified time frame.

d. Describe one (1) approach that IT could use in order to ensure that they thoroughly test business critical applications.

3. Describe three (3) best practices for securing the laptops and tablets for the sales staff after the upgrade is complete.

4. Examine the pros and cons of configuring AppLocker to standardize the software used by employees across the organization.

5. Explain the process and options available for managing application installations and updates via the Windows Store, and thus addressing the concerns voiced by the CIO.