company name: Snapchat\’s IPO

For the research paper, each student must select a company (snapchat\’s IPO) with a managerial action and document how the action affected the company (for example, the decision to change the formula for Coca-Cola, the KmartSears merger, or Facebook going public). A discussion forum on Moodle will be posted, and students must post their topic on the forum for approval. This is on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that if the topic has been approved for another student, you must find another topic. Topic must be posted by the end (Sunday) of the second week.
The paper should be about five pages long with a Times New Roman12-point font and a one- inch margin all around. Background information on the company is required, followed by discussion of the managerial action, explanation of how the action affected the company (financial analysis), and the conclusion. Please include in-text citations and references at the end using MLA or APA style. Please use journal articles and newspapers; do NOT utilize any Wikipedia or comparable citations. Failure to include citations and references will result in an F.