community policing

1. Community Police
2. Leadership

Provide a detailed synthesis (4-5 paragraphs) of the information provided within the instructional materials and reading assignments associated with this unit. The submission should provide a comprehensive overview and personal synthesis of the information contained within each instructional element and a specific articulation of your understanding of the theories, concepts, and applications presented during the week. Feel free to elaborate, but the goal is for you to communicate to me and the rest of the class, your level of subject familiarity and understanding about the issues and concepts presented within the instructional materials.

You do NOT have to review everything you read this unit, just what you found to be interesting and informative. However, what you DO review needs to be done comprehensively and from an informed position (what I mean is I expect you to also read more on the topic and include other outside resources to support your answer to the question and not just use the information contained in the readings).