Communication of Meaning : Search for Truth- Write an investigative report (article).


Length: 1100 words. Penalties will be applied to pieces which are below or above the word length

The task need not be in a formal essay structure. Students can write up their investigation into a report format ensuring that

any images, diagrams, additional material be written in an appendix OR as an article.

If a student uses any material from another source, they must cite it and provide a bibliography. The Harvard system is
agreed practice for referencing.

Aspects of the task will be completed in stages through Canvas. In Week 12 Students are expected to bring all collated
materials from previous weeks to write the final paper in class.


Investigative journalism should be able to uncover the truth and not to be selective in its revelations. It should not be
tainted by people and/or organisations that do not want the truth revealed

Frontline Club, 2011

* Choose a topic, person or issue that is of local, national or international significance and that warrants some investigation. The investigation may consider concerns such as politics, poverty, the environment, education, technology. Students can choose another but must do so in consultation with the teacher.

* Students are to research their chosen topic and write an investigative report (article). Students should evaluate how the truth of an issue has been edited, manipulated, revealed or concealed through the use of visual and persuasive techniques employed through the media (including social media).

Students will be given week to week activities designed to break the task into stages of investigation which will culminate in the final product being written in class during Week 12. These will be published on Canvas and each class activities are exactly the same.

Examples of people, topics, issues of concern. The future of Medicare, Donald Trump: Fake news vs real news, One Nation denies Climate Change, Canberras Tram, Saving Pollies Perks.