College Conspiracy

The specific structure of your essay may vary depending on your content, but no matter what youll begin with an introduction that culminates in a thesis (which may be similar to or different from the working thesis you created in Step 1), and youll end with a conclusion that restates your main point and stresses the importance of your subject one final time. What happens between those two paragraphs is up to you, but here is an outline that will not steer you wrong (you dont have to use each point):

Background information
Description of the situation or issue
The standard or official explanation
The conspiracy
Analysis of the conspiracy
Tour of a website that promotes the conspiracy
Toulmin revisited: what kinds of support are used? What warrants are assumed?
Language revisited: is the language neutral or slanted? Concrete or abstract?
Logic revisited: are the arguments presented deductive or inductive? Are they fallacious?
Rogers revisited: is there common ground between those who accept the conspiracy and those who dont? Are multiple perspectives presented fairly?
Your personal responseare you persuaded? Did researching the conspiracy change your thinking in any way?
If so, why? Will you change your life in any way?
If not, why not? Do you think its troubling that other people believe the conspiracy?
What do you think are the consequences of people believing this or other conspiracies? Is there a way to prevent it?

That is an outline of what the teacher is kinda looking for. I choose the topic college conspiracy. On how it is expected for someone to go to school then college and get a good job and live a good life. However, the prices of college now is so high now and many are not getting jobs after they graduate. Is it really worth getting into debt? Is a diploma really worth anything anymore. I have attached a work cited pages that I have look at these articles online take a look please use some of them but your are more then welcome to find more or even more newer statistics if found. Let me know if this is not clear enough detail or if you are confused.