Cold war and Cold war proxy

1-) Defining the Cold War: Political
2-) Defining the Cold War: Conflict Between U.S. and Soviet
3-) Cold War Proxy: Identify a Proxy of the Cold
4-) Cold War Proxy: Explain Proxy War Between U.S. and Russia
5-) Cold War Proxy: Use Realist or Idealist Theoretic Worldview\’s
6-) Collapse of Soviet Union:Explain
7-) Collapse of Soviet Union: Chaos
😎 Collapse of Soviet Union: Realist/Idealist Impact: Worldview\’s
9-) Impact : Dilemmas
10-) Impact: Foreign Policy
11-) Impact: Similarities Between the Cold War and the War on Terror 12-) Conclusions: Impact of History on Current Political Events
13-) Conclusions: Scope and Practice
14-) Conclusions: Theoretical Foundations
15-) Conclusions: Practical Foundations