Cloud Computing Sales and Use Tax Implications

Paper should thoroughly describe the accounting issue/problem, including all background information, history of the issue, and key terms that the reader must understand to analyze your research question. The specific accounting issue or problem can have multiple solutions, and in which there is no right answer. Then your paper should critically evaluate all potential solutions, comparing and contrasting the alternatives. Finally, the paper should conclude with a recommended solution, or course of action, that you consider to be best. It is your job to use in-text citations from reputable/compelling sources to build your paper toward, and in support of, your recommendation. This is a persuasive-style paper, so you must try to convince the reader to agree with your recommended solution.Keep in mind that your final paper should include the following sections: title page, abstract, introduction, background, recommendation, conclusion and reference section. The sections between the background and recommendation can be customized according to what makes sense with your topic. The body of your paper (introduction through conclusion) needs to be between 15 and 25 pages. The paper needs to be persuasive, and include critical thinking, and analysis. One way that this can be accomplished is through an analysis of alternative solutions to an accounting-related problem. The analysis should lead up to one optimal solution that you recommend above the others.The paper should not just be a reiteration of facts or historical events, without any of your own original analysis. APA format rules regarding in-text citations, paper format, quotations, and references need to be followed.I would like some of the sources to be Internal Revenue Code or State (Rulings, Court Decisions or Tax Regulations) and FASB Codificaton. I will be making the argument that some states have ignored the legal authorities and are considering it taxable. It is my opinion that these are services and should not be taxed. State legislatures need to make the decision not tax administrators.The outline is attached.