Childhood Trauma Exposure and Early Development

As the capstone project for this course, you will be required to complete a presentation specific to one of the categories listed below, and expand on the topic by covering items that were not directly discussed in class.

Topics is

Trauma Exposure and Early Development
The presentation must include the following components:

Introduction of Topic
Scope/Importance of Topic (e.g. statistical data; social awareness, etc.)
Conceptualization of Topic Utilizing (1) Lifespan Developmental Theory (e.g. Sociocultural, etc.)
Issues Relevant to Forensic Practice
Cultural Considerations Regarding the Topic
Integration of Peer Reviewed Literature to Support Topic
The presentation must be at least 10-12 slides, consistent with APA format, and free of spelling errors and grammatical issues. Please use the Conference learning tool to record and upload your presentation to the course shell. Please make sure to include voice over for each slide, further expanding on the presented material.