Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

This research paper should provide an overview, and analysis of the problems of children exposed to domestic violence (spouse abuse, family violence) Note: not child abuse]. The paper should begin with a brief overview of the problem of domestic violence. The essay should consider the symptoms, and signs of childrens exposure to domestic violence, childrens methods of telling others about the violence in the home, as well as, strategies to draw children out, and the short – and long-term consequences of childrens exposure to family violence. Another section should review strategies that teachers, community leaders and counselors can take to address the problem.

All research papers should contain at least two (3) professional references (peer-reviewed, scholarly, or academic journals). Do not use sources such as: Psychology Today, New York Times, Wikipedia, FOX News, or CNN
Articles must be no older than three 5 years.
All resources must be cited within the paper in APA style, and listed in the reference section at the end of the paper.
Your paper should be three (3) pages in length, not including the cover sheet or reference page.