Change and creativity assignment

Change & Creativity Assignment.

Case-documentaries Analysis/Creation of Creative Hub


Case-documentary: Creative Hub for Organisations

The YouTube documentaries above describe different ideas on design thinking, creativity and innovation in organisations. They are here to provide inspiration and to trigger students development of ideas and practices on how to go about designing and supporting their own hub that can bring change, innovation and creativity to any organisation.

From the documentaries above and imagining you have been asked as a manager to intervene in an organisation in order to create a culture for creativity, answer the following:

Design a Creative Hub for an organisation of your liking.
This could be for a small or large organisation, located in a small town or large global capital, in any part of the world, etc.

This is a challenging and ambitious assignment that presents students with the opportunity to generate their own creative hub for organisational change. Based on the examples provided in the links above, students analytically and critically work individually to construct a business hub for creating and sustaining innovation (change). As a suggestion (but not limited to) students are invited to think on a business organisation of their liking. For instance, we can think of a small firm located in a small northern community in the UK where unemployment is high, exploring there how, by adopting hub structures, people and community can come together to incubate ideas that can generate new businesses, products, or simply new ways of organising, new spaces for work, etc.
You may start (this is a suggestion) by thinking of yourself as a management consultant who have been approached to help with the transformation of an organisation that is going through decline or stagnation. Hence, you may consider, to put a whole plan together in the following way:

Determine what you want to address, where you see a problem that require transformation.
Analyse the key issues associated to the problem and how to deal with it (e.g., the culture, leadership, or else).
Design a plan on how you will address such problem. That is, what things you will need to change in order to create such a hub.
Some conceptual ideas are always associated with creative and innovative transformation, therefore, you will have to think how to define and communicate such conceptual idea (the vision) in order to impact actions and behaviours
Finally, from the design of the concept/idea we move into how you will implement them, i.e., the steps you will take to transform an organisation into a creative hub.

The above suggestion may not limit your own creativity whereby you may decide to take a complete different route to address the issue of creating a creative hub. Furthermore, you may also consider your own organisation to explore and discuss the issue.

It is expected that students will draw from lectures and academic literature to write it. It is expected as well that this will be an original piece of writing that brings some insight and understanding of the case-idea under discussion.
The assignment must not exceed 2500 words and be submitted by
The assignment carries a 100% mark of the module and a minimum of 50% must be achieved in order to pass.

The assignment requires drawing on theories, models and ethical aspects discussed in the lectures and the academic literature on creativity and change. Focus on making links between concepts and practice. Make connections with other areas of management and organisation studies (other areas of the social sciences and art too) that may help you to write your assignment. Remember to include a bibliography and to write a short abstract to introduce your answer.