Cell Phones and Law Enforcement.

The topic that I am choosing to write about for my ethical dilemma paper is how cell phones have changed the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement officers. This issue is important because technology has developed rapidly. There have been many incidents concerning social media posts, retrieving information from cell phones for crime investigations, and ethical issues that arise between communication companies and law enforcement agencies.
Law Enforcement Viewpoint
Law enforcements officers are required to serve and protect. In order to protect, in some cases, information could be gathered from social media posts, text messages, emails, and GPS information. Many agencies have gone to communication companies to retrieve information from devices. The companies usually push back because their responsibility is to protect the privacy of their subscriber. Subscriber expect this privacy because it is a part of most terms and conditions agreements. The Fourth Amendment prohibits illegal search, and the ethical dilemma is that this may not be a legal search.
Also here are few ethical theories that are needed to be included to support the topic.
here are the Theories: I uploaded my 8 sources and also uploaded my theories that will be use to support the paper by including those ethical theories