Campaign Finance Reform

You must demonstrate your understanding of course content, so be sure you have completed assigned readings before you work on this assignment

Module 3 introduces us to the intricate interplay of campaigns, political parties, and interest groups. These mediating institutions in American politics play a central role linking \”the people\” to people in politics. The reality of political access, however, favors wealthy individuals and corporations. They have a disproportionate influence on decision makers through the use of campaign donations. Over the past 45 years, various reform regulations and laws have been enacted to address the role of money in politics, however, at every turn, legal ways to continue funneling money to campaigns have emerged.


In 2010, the United States Supreme Court issued a controversial ruling in the case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The outcome of the decision was to untether corporations and unions from many campaign donation regulations. In recent elections, this has essentially meant that corporations and unions have been able to spend unlimited amounts of money to convince people to vote for or against candidates for public office. As with any controversial ruling, there are those who support it and those who oppose it. There is no disputing its significant effect on electoral politics.

For this assignment, I\’d like you to think about ways in which the media, political parties, and interest groups intersect. The vehicle by which you will examine their relationships is an article entitled The Inevitable Limits of Campaign Finance Reform ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)


After you have read and understood the points made in the article, you will prepare a review that is written according to this format:

Paragraph 1 – What is the main subject matter of the article?
Paragraph 2 – What is the main point (thesis) made in the article?
Paragraph 3 – How does the article relate to the three chapters assigned in Module 3?
Paragraph 4 – What have you learned from completing this assignment that you didn\’t already know?

The minimum word count is 270 words. Your response must be written in academic English. You will use your own voice and write in your own words: no quotes or paraphrases.