Business Plan

Business Plan Final Assignment

Expand or start a company into a global market, pick a type or organization you know or

and business you are interested in? The project is designed to allow students to look at

many essentials which leaders of global organizations assess before actually taking their

company global. You will include at least the following in your 10 page paper:

Select an Emerging Economic Country you want to expand or move into. ( I chose EGYPT)

Suggest A BRIC country Brazil, Russia, India or China, any other country needs (I CHOSE TO DO MY BUSINESS IN EGYPT AND IT SHOULD BE ANY FARMING BUSINESS>

to be instructor approved

Select a business structure which works both for your company and within the country

you select.

Provide a country overview

o General Business Environment and economic conditions

o Business Etiquette and Practice

o Financial Costs or Investment Climate

o Culture, how it relates to you and business

o Logistical Issues and how to conduct the business

Issues to Include

o What are some of the legal aspects of running your business in this country

o How will you conduct your market research and identify opportunities?

o What will the market strategies be for this business?

o How will you and the leaders be prepared to work and adapt to this culture? Use what

you learned in this course of CQ and the Culture Map.

o How your business will adapt locally in integrate globally

Christian Worldview

o Identify a strategy for you to operate your business in the country of choice with a

contrast to the beliefs from a Christian Worldview or based on Christian values and

principles. (be very specific)

Additional items you feel would benefit your decision to enter this global?

Includes sources for your research, use the books we used in the course, the Michigan

State site and any others that will help you start this enterprise

Some of the books we have used are:

Global Strategies for emerging Asia (Anil K. Gupta)

The Cultural Intelligence difference(David Livermore, PHD)

the Cultural Map (Erin Meyer)