Business leadership, management, ethical values class.

This is a for a business leadership, management, ethical values class. Below is the class book link

This is more of a personal reflection so you dont have to be so technical. I am a 35 year old woman in the middle class. Just giving you background info

1. Complete the readings for this unit. Also, review the Assignment 7b Grading Criteria document in Materials below. Book link above.
2. In a Microsoft Word document, create a five year personal development plan with three sections, each focusing on one area:
1. Professional currently I work in a accounts receivable role but would like to be in management or human resources in the future.
2. Personal better mom (have one daughter 10 years old) and wife (I am just getting married this weekend 6/24/17).
3. Spiritual growth learning to forgive more and to be at peace with people who dont want to be a part of me and my daughters life.

Each section will describe at least two significant goals you want to achieve over the next five years with a specific time table, and specific measurable objectives. (you can just make it up i guess as far as specific time table and specific measurable objectives.) Your paper should be six pages in length. Be sure to follow all APA standards and to use correct spelling and grammar.